South Pacific Spas

    South Pacific Spas integrated cover introduces a great innovation in spas. Fully insulated and fitted with a sealing gasket and locking straps, covers remain attached to the body, balanced for easy opening and closing.

    South Pacific Spas were designed with 8 removable panels to allow easy access to all internal components, including the spa jets and the plumbing. Easy access equipment makes electrical hook up simple and future servicing simple and easy.

    South Pacific Spas Uni-Piece construction adds extreme strength to the spa body. The fusion of the foot well area, the main shell and the internal sub frame structural supports mean that your spa is built like no other in the market, and will provide relaxation for many, many years to come.

    South Pacific Spas feature the most practical innovations in spas! Modest in design and light in weight, but heavy in style and convenience. The versatile selection of models ranges from a 110v/220v “Plug & Play” model, to larger, family sized models, with bucket seat and lounger options.